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MicroFab Company

Welcomes you to our site

Our Company 
strives to deliver the best in  high-value, low-priced products
MicroFab Company is a custom sheet metal fabricating company that specializes in a variety of custom metal fabricating processes, short runs and High volume. With over Twenty years of experience in sheet metal contract manufacturing, we bring you quality assurance and services, guaranteed.
95 Ton Trumpf Trumabend V85 6-axis CNC
95 Ton Trumpf Trumabend V85   
6-axis CNC Press Brake

Our Customers are First Priority 

Microfab serves a wide array of industries with each having different requirements. These industries include the medical, electric, government, and retail. Our challenge is to meet the needs of each of these customers by offering a vast amount of capabilities and services that will create the right value for each group.

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